Council Defers Decision On Riverside Parkland

(WINDSOR, ON) – Attendees at last night’s Windsor Council meeting were expecting councilors to make a decision regarding a plan to redevelop east end parkland which once housed the Riverside Arena. The proposed redevelopment is looking at St Rose Park, Riverside Baseball Park, and the Former Concord Public School.

Administration, in a report, sought approval to develop the area based on Redevelopment Option No. 3, which would include the processing of rezoning for the Wyandotte Street East frontage lands for mixed used commercial/residential development, rezoning the Raymond Street lands for residential uses, relocation of the Cenotaph to an appropriate location, and relocation of parking for Riverside Centennial Pool with access to Ontario Street.

Opposing the plan was the Riverside Minor Baseball Association. It would like the area to stay as parkland and include a miracle baseball diamond. Such diamonds allow children and adults with physical or mental disabilities to play the sport.

“I feel the public hasn’t been sufficiently involved in this issue,” posted local community activist Philippa Von Ziegenweidt on Facebook.

The matter has been deferred to a June meeting of council.

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