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ONE-Condoms(WINDSOR, ON) – A US-based prophylactic company thinks it is time for Canada to become the first in the world to have its own condom collection. In honour of the nation’s 150th Anniversary, ONE Condoms has just announced a contest inviting Canadians to design and vote for unique condom wrappers which best represent and celebrate Canadian life, love, culture, and history.

Ten designs will be picked to be known as the ONE Canada Condom Collection.

The ten will represent the top five most popular designs, as well as five regional winners from northern Canada, western Canada, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. After the submission period, a combination of voting by a panel of guest judges and the public will help determine the winners.

The company does not define how they will help.

Not only will the winners receive a cash prize, but also a year’s supply of condoms featuring their winning artwork, an artist profile at, and a donation of up to 10,000 condoms to their Canadian health organization of choice. ONE will also donate a total of 150,000 condoms to various Canadian organizations dedicated to promoting sexual health education and outreach.

The company did not offer the number of free condoms which comprises a year’s supply.

“For more than a decade, our condom wrapper design contests have given people a platform to express their passion for art and sexual health,” said Davin Wedel, ONE Condom founder and president. He has done this through local contests, but this will be its first contest to cover a nation and celebrate, “… what it means to be one Canada.”

Condoms, says the company, are the most effective way to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. ONE was founded in 2004 with a core belief of creating interesting and engaging artwork on condom wrappers.

The artwork, it explained in an announcement, “… helps start a conversation about the use of condoms and safer sex. ONE’s signature, circular condom wrappers feature hundreds of different designs and unique design collections.”

In 2015, ONE partnered with celebrated New York street artists to create a condom collection to address the disproportionately higher rates of HIV in urban centres, as part of its Lust for Life campaign. Other local condom wrapper design contests in cities such as Los Angeles, are a way to promote positive engagement about sexual health.

Most recently, ONE partnered with Toronto Public Health to launch the condomTO contest for the public to design the official Toronto Condom, and Ottawa Public Health for their Ottawa 2017 condom campaign.

The deadline for the contest is May 7. Public voting will begin shortly after with the winners announced in July.

The collection will be available where condoms are sold, shortly thereafter.

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