Comber Inventors Pitch Clog Cleaner

(COMBER, ON) – A new chemical free product to rid drains of clogs is now being offered to investors through the Toronto office of invention support outfit InventHelp. Known as Clear Drain, it is the product of two inventors based in Comber.

So far the pair have not been named, but that is not usual in the invention business. The system relies on working only with serious and ethical backers who will not take the product to market  themselves.

A prototype of the patent-pending in-clogger has been produced and has been found to be effective at breaking up obstructions in sink, tub, and shower drains. It does the tough work without harsh chemicals.

Personal experience inspired the idea.

“We created the prototype of this invention for our personal use in our home,” said one of the inventors. “It has been very effective for clearing sink and tub drains where hair and other debris tend to cause clogs.”

The drain cleaner’s features include a light weight and compact size, with considerable portability. It also has a simple design. This should make it attractive from a manufacturing point-of-view.

InventHelp is now assisting the inventors in finding either a company to licence the product to other companies, most likely those in the plumbing industry, or a company willing to manufacturer it, possibly paying royalties to the inventors.

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