Closed Restaurants Promise Return

Newspapers cover the windows of the defunct Lorelei's Bistro in Walkerville on 8 November 2017. A note on the restaurant's website indicated a new establishment will soon be located on the premises.Photo by Robert Tuomi.

Newspapers cover the windows of the defunct Lorelei’s Bistro in Walkerville on 8 November 2017. A note on the restaurant’s website indicated a new establishment will soon be located on the premises.
Photo by Robert Tuomi.

(WINDSOR, ON) – Two Windsor eateries are shutting their doors, but in both cases they will open again after some renovations.

Owner Jonathan Reaume of Toscana Windsor posted a note on Facebook about his plan to shut down his restaurant on January 1, of the new year. Although it will close for the whole month, it won’t be shuttered indefinitely.

Reaume, whose restaurant recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary, said he has been heard to say that, “after 10 years I wanted to do something different, something exciting, something surprising.”

It turns out the something different will be a refreshing of Toscana, which will stay at its Dougall Avenue location in South Windsor. He described the closing as, “a brief hiatus to perform renovations. When we re-open, Toscana will be serving breakfast and lunch prepared with our signature attention to detail and taste.”

Renovations will include a small café with wet bar at the front of the house. He will also offer, “a selection of pokes, prepared while you watch. My goal is casual daytime dining at its finest, available nowhere else in this city.”

Over in Walkerville, the windows of Lorelei’s Bistro are covered in newspapers. The doors are also locked, but not all is lost.

A note on the restaurant’s website said it has served its last customers, “… it’s true. Lorelei’s Bistro has closed permanently. The good news is that there is a new restaurant that will be opening shortly and will honour all gift certificates from Lorelei’s. Thank you for making memories with us … we’ve enjoyed the last few years serving you all!”

If all goes as planned, shortly two updated restaurants will be waiting to entertain customers.

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