Canada Split On Autonomous Vehicles

(RICHMOND HILL, ON) – Consumers surveyed in the most recent DesRosiers Light Vehicle Study were asked whether they would trust an autonomous vehicle to take them to their destination, and whether they would replace their own vehicle with an autonomous one.

Just over half of respondents, 50.5 per cent, indicated that they would trust an autonomous vehicle to bring them to their destination while 30 per cent of respondents indicated that they would be willing to replace their current vehicle with an autonomous one.

Unsurprisingly, willingness to adopt self-driving technology had a negative correlation with age as younger respondents in the survey were more willing to ride and acquire an autonomous car. Meanwhile, willingness to adopt the technology had a direct correlation with income level and education with higher education and higher income respondents indicating higher willingness.

Looking strictly at trust in self-driving technology, Quebec recorded the highest percentage of willing consumers at 56.8 per cent with Ontario, 51 per cent, and the Atlantic provinces, 50.1 per cent, following closely.

British Columbia, 46.1 per cent, Alberta,  45.9 per cent, and Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 45.1 per cent each, residents were less likely to trust autonomous vehicles.

More information on these numbers can be found in the Light Vehicle Study published by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc. For more information on these reports call 905-881-0400 x28 or email.

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