Burying Your Unmentionables

(WINDSOR, ON) – Next week starts the Soil Conservation Council of Canada’s National Soil Conservation Week. To help celebrate, the Council would like Canadians from all over the country to bury a pair of cotton undergarments. Those who do will witness firsthand some amazing activity right under their feet.

In Ontario, the Soil Your Undies project was initiated by the Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario. Now SCCC, in partnership with Stanfield’s, is giving this project a national perspective.

“What better way to understand the inner workings of our soil than with your own easy-to-do soil science experiment,” said Alan Kruszel, SCCC’s chair and an Ontario farmer.

To him healthy soil is full of, “… amazing, living organisms. It is what sustains us and is the foundation of a thriving civilization. In order to show just how important healthy soils are to Canadians, the Council wants to pique the public’s interest with our Soil Your Undies initiative. We hope those who take part will share their experiences and their love for soil with us and their social networks.”

The Soil Your Undies experiment provides an indication of soil health. After a couple months buried, there shouldn’t be much left of the submerged undies if there is good biological activity present.

Kruszel recommends using a new pair of 100 per cent white cotton briefs, a shovel, and a flag to mark the site. A helpful step-by-step guide on how to properly Soil Your Undies is available online.

National Soil Conservation Week is an annual event. It gives groups like the SCCC, and others who advocate for soil conservation and health, a platform to remind the public of the importance of soil and the issues around its degradation and loss.

To underscore its importance in food production and the role it plays in clean air and water, SCCC will be burying some undies at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in Ottawa which will be unearthed at a later date to reveal the degree of biological activity in the soil there.

Those who do plunk their unmentionables in the ground should take a video or photos and share their experience on Twitter @SoilCouncil and use the hashtags #SoilYourUndies or #CdnSoilWeek17. The SCCC will present some of the highlights from Soil Your Undies at the next Summit on Canadian Soil Health in Guelph on August 22 and 23.

The SCCC is the only national organization to concentrate on the issues of soil health and soil conservation within a broadly-based landscape context. It works to build a greater understanding of the importance of soil as an essential resource to society by facilitating the exchange of information with all stakeholders.

Healthy soils are the foundation of sustainable food production, enhanced biodiversity and cleaner air, and water for present and future generations.

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