Bacon Man Peddles Regional Transit

(ESSEX, ON) – These days, former Windsor mayoral candidate Ernie Lamont is traversing the county to pitch a plan for regional transit. His travels are taking him to Kingsville, Leamington, and Essex.

At a recent Town Council meeting in Essex he implored councilors to give him a crack at handling the advertising for a bus service from the town to Devonshire Mall. He predicted Transit Windsor will be knocking on the town’s door shortly to propose such a system, but made it clear if the city of Windsor’s transit outfit didn’t offer the town 75% of advertising revenue they should come to him.

Lamont estimated that advertising would bring in $225,000 in annual revenue. Sensing it might not be enough, he quickly dropped his take in the scheme to 10% and said the council shouldn’t worry about him not making money. He encouraged council to consider running the regional transit network themselves, partnering with Kingsville and Leamington.

The plan calls for the towns to each buy two buses and hire two drivers apiece. Lamont promised that he already had a company lined up and able to splash advertising on the sides and insides of the buses. He also talked of circulating brochures in the bus with coupons passengers could redeem for bus tokens at the participating merchants.

With his rough calculations, Lamont provided no financial statements or prospectus, but reasoned it would only take four years of advertising revenue to pay for each bus.

Essex deputy mayor Richard Meloche questioned Lamont on his ability to sell advertising. The buses would give him 226 opportunities each and he had no qualms about finding sponsors. In fact, he self-described himself as the best salesman in the region.

For almost two decades, Lamont told Meloche, he has successfully sold advertising placed on the side of his personal vehicle and has earned thousands.

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