Automotive Success Or Failure Begins With Product

(RICHMOND HILL, ON) – Success in the automotive sector, for the most part, comes down to product. If you look back through history and identify vehicle companies which have struggled or failed, it often comes down to three words: product, product, and product.

Although the introduction of new models has a positive impact on sales, this is not the only method by which new vehicle sales can be boosted. The age of a model’s platform and technology play a significant role in selling the vehicles, as older platforms can allow for more pricing flexibility, incentives, and the use of other “safety valves”.

In this month’s observations, we examine the importance of analyzing platform age, the various methods by which manufacturers move slow selling product, the role of engineering age, the pace of technology, new model introductions, as well as the impact on sales past, present, and future.

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Dennis DesRosiers

Since the founding of his independent consulting practice in 1985, Dennis DesRosiers has become Canada’s leading automotive industry analyst and one of the foremost theorists in the North American automotive industry. Email Dennis DesRosiers

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