Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Given Go Ahead By Trudeau

(DETROIT, MI) – The Canadian government, today, issued the necessary IBTA permit to allow the construction of the Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project. The Ambassador Bridge Company will now build North America’s longest cable stayed bridge next to the original span of the privately funded Ambassador Bridge.

“We especially thank Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canada for issuance of the final permit supporting our Company to make this major investment in international infrastructure,” said Matthew Moroun. “There have been many challenges our company has faced over the years in pursuit of this moment. We are now tasked with the duty to construct a privately funded bridge with the hard work of thousands of engineers, steel workers, construction experts that will be employed to deliver this once in a lifetime project.”

The US permit to commence construction was received in the spring of 2016.

“We know there are those who never thought our permit would be approved,” Moroun said. “Hopefully, now we can all come together and take pride in watching a new bridge rise across the shared border between our great nations.”

The new, privately owned bridge, will have six lanes, three in each direction, with dedicated NEXUS, FAST and bus lanes. It will be constructed as a 2,190’ cable stayed main span and have a new and expanded CBSA commercial inspection facility, including 12 additional commercial inspection booths.

The $1Billion project, of which $500 million has already been spent. Another privately funded $500 million investment in international infrastructure, with no cost or risk to any taxpayers in the US or Canada, will create thousands of high paying jobs in the US and Canada.

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