Windsor Regiment To Renew Freedom Of The City

(WINDSOR, ON) – The Freedom of the City tradition originates from the British military. It became a custom for any military unit to request permission from the the mayor before entering a community. City authorities would only grant permission once they were assured of the troops best behaviour and the purpose of their presence.

At present, the Windsor Regiment enjoys the Freedom of the City which was first granted in 1940. This is a showing of support and appreciation by the city toward the regiment and the soldiers from the community.

The Freedom of the City is one of the esteemed honours that a community can bestow upon a military unit. It gives the unit the privilege of marching through the community with drums beating, Colours flying, and bayonets fixed.

Residents are invited to this family-centered ceremony to celebrate the Windsor Regiment’s 80-year history of duty, service, and loyalty to Canada, here at home and abroad, on October 22.

The celebration will start with a parade into City Hall Square at 12:45pm, followed by a reaffirmation of the Freedom of the City between 1:00pm and 2:00pm, and will include a memorial service at the cenotaph.

The regiment will then march to the Chimczuk Museum to view the current installation of 80 years of service.

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