Students May Have More Employment Opportunities

By Lori Lewis

(WINDSOR, ON) –  With a world of information at their fingertips, and social interactions with key players of major organizations just one tweet away, students can often feel overwhelmed about their future career choices.

The University of Windsor’s Co-op, Career and Employment Services office (CCES) is gearing up to help. With the addition of a career consultant, who is qualified to administer professional interest and career assessments, CCES has added a variety of potential tools students can utilize.

By offering these services free of charge, the office is armed with the resources to give students an edge and guide them to rich and fulfilling careers.

“We are excited to be offering a variety of tools that allows students to explore their interests and open up career ideas and potentially more doors to them,” says Dr. Mitch Fields, Executive Director of CCES. “It is our hope that students will take advantage of this service.”

Krista Kelly, Career Consultant at CCES, has received many positive results, with one student sharing that he received, “more out of the one-hour career consulting session than he had in all the years of thinking about this on [his] own.”

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