Kent Seeking Costs After Legal Victory Over PostMedia

By Ian Shalapata

(WINDSOR, ON) – The former NBC journalist who was nicknamed the Scud Stud for his reporting during the Persian Gulf War is seeking legal costs from PostMedia after winning a defamation lawsuit against the newspaper chain. Arthur Kent was awarded $200,000 by Alberta justice Jo’Anne Strekaf for an article written by Don Martin for the National Post which characterized Kent as egotistical.

Strekaf provided for general damages of $150,000 from Martin and $50,000 payable by Postmedia, as well as $61,000 in interest. Kent is now seeking $1.2 million in costs after a protracted, eight-year legal battle.

PostMedia is arguing against the awarding of costs.

“Here you have one of Canada’s largest media organizations saying if you sue us, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith Canadian, you may get a judgment in a superior court in this country but we’ll make sure you pay for it handsomely,” Kent told Global News. “Here you have Canada’s largest English language newspaper company seeking to punish a successful plaintiff by denying him his costs.”

PostMedia reported a net loss for the quarter ending August 31 of $99.4 million, up from $54.1 million for the same period of the previous year.

Kent is also seeking an order from Strekaf preventing PostMedia and Martin from republishing the article, though a lawyer for the corporation indicated there would be no reason for PostMedia to ever republish it.

Arguments will continue next week.

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