Faculty And Students Face-Off In Escape Room

(WINDSOR, ON) – University of Windsor faculty and students will face-off in a local escape room that features electrical components designed by a UWindsor engineering undergraduate. Members of the Windsor Engineering Student Society will compete against a team of engineering faculty at 10:00am today at Hidden Trail, located at 3147 Tecumseh Road East.

An escape room is a game that requires participants to solve a series of puzzles and storylines using elements of the room they’re locked in.

Earlier this year, Hidden Trail hired Joel Bondy, an electrical engineering student, to assist with the conception and execution of several electrical components, such as unique implementations of switches, in two of its escape rooms; The Speakeasy and the Mad Hatter’s Birthday.

“Not only did he assist in building and designing the components, he also took the time to ensure that we would know how to troubleshoot any possible issues that may arise,” said Hidden Trail owner Brent Riberdy. “He instilled confidence in our staff to utilize electronics properly in our escape rooms moving forward.”

During the challenge, the UWindsor faculty and student teams will enter the two rooms at the same time. The first team to solve the puzzles and find the key to escape wins. Riberdy says it takes most groups approximately an hour to escape.

For more information about Hidden Trail and escape rooms, visit online.

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