Clean Up Your Android Bloatware With Systweak

Home-Geek-header(TORONTO, ON) – One of the great things about Android smartphones is the massive app library available. Between apps not available on other platforms (like Tasker), and a huge amount of free apps, there’s almost nothing you can’t get your phone to do.

The downside of smartphones in general, and Android in this case, is they often come with bloatware pre-installed from your carrier.

Bloatware is software installed before you got the phone that you probably don’t want. In many cases bloatware won’t let you uninstall it, eating up resources on your phone needlessly.

But you can do something about it.

Systweak Android Cleaner will not only help free up memory and clean junk files, but it will let you uninstall apps, including bloatware.

I hadn’t been able to uninstall BBM on my phone and it annoyed me. BBM’s a largely useless platform these days as there are far superior cross-platform messaging apps. So, why would I want BBM eating up space on my phone?

Once I installed Systweak Android Cleaner getting rid of BBM was fast and easy.

There are free and paid versions of Systweak Android Cleaner. I found the free version did everything I wanted without excessive nag screens or limitations.

If you’re using Android and have bloatware you’d like to clean off your phone I suggest you give Systweak Android Cleaner a try. You paid for your smartphone, so why should your carrier get to decide what apps take up space on it?

It’s free and fast, what’s not to like?

Happy surfing.

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