A Night Of Fashion And Racism

Header-image-JessicaBy Jessica Faught

(WINDSOR, ON) – The 2016 Oscars took place on February 28 and wow, where do we begin? With the fashion or all of the jabs at the Oscar organization by comedian Chris Rock?

Hmmmm, let’s start with the fashion.

With the women we noticed a lot of hi-low dresses and vivid colours, including white. Actually, white seemed to be a popular choice for this year’s award show.

Lace designs, outfits that involved a long shall or cape, with either pants, dress, or skirt, such as Lady Gaga’s white pant suit with long cape, were a popular choice of the stars at the Oscars.

Let’s talk about cut out dresses. During the fall of 2014, we went back to a retro 50’s-70’s style, where that are classy look left the female figure to the imagination. Blouses were buttoned up. So many ladies were virtually showing nothing but possibly leg.

The cut-out look is now trending in a big way.

These coveted cut-out gowns vary in styles; some may cut-out the midriff others may cut-out the back, or sides.

Priyanka Chopra.

Priyanka Chopra.

Made by Zuhair Murad, this elegant white lace detailed full length gown worn by Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is sexy, yet classy. It gives the illusion that it is sheer underneath, but has a built in slip.

Chopra made her mark on Hollywood by staring in the hit American show Quantico. American star Karry Washington wore an Atelier Versace dress which highlighted her features well.

Lady Gaga performed her hit song addressing sexual assault entitled Till It Happens to You. Gaga was also was one of the fashion hits of the night wearing a Brandon Maxwell designed cape and pant suit. This look can be worn by all shapes and sizes and, if you’re thinking you would like one in white, good choice because that is the colour trend for women this year.

Kerry Washington.

Kerry Washington.

Tina Fey was also a show stopper in a full length vivid violet dress which complimented her skin tone quite well.

For the men we saw a lot of traditional looks such as the typical black and white tuxedo. But, the suits that stood out and demanded attention were the ones in navys and burgundys. Again guys, you want to look for a suit that plays with textures as well, such as a satin detail like the ones shown.

Ok now let’s address the elephant in the room.

Chris Rock’s monologue was very well received by his peers in the audience, according to many sources. This speaks to the fact that people are frustrated, and down-right angry, that people of colour face racial barriers. Not barriers because of their skill level, but barriers because they are merely a race other than white.

Men's fashions at the 2016 Oscars ceremony.

Men’s fashions at the 2016 Oscars ceremony.

This is something that the Oscars organization would like to change according to its president who, some say, is a token black in a high position. Ok, maybe you don’t agree, but let’s just look at the facts.

The last two years there have been no black Oscar nominees.

There have only been 33 black Oscar award winners since the beginning of its inception.

Why? Did they not preform well? According to the money trail, many did.

My final thoughts, in retrospect of the 88th Oscars, I was thinking, “Wow. If we have to devote a long monologue to the promotion of diversity then we, as a society, have much work to do.”

When you think about how to dress, let’s dress up our hearts first.

If you would like to be a part of spreading awareness about the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault, here in our city, please visit online to learn more.

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