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1 Comment on "Windsor Property Taxes"

  1. blindsight |4 June 2015 at 22:08 |

    I don’t believe an AM800 simple vote of yah or nah with do any good in the discussion .The discussion is beyond that here .As July approaches the next 3 month billing will show where the tax rate multiplier is .The site has educated the readers to know how the math is done.The question more is how it will be used for day to day expenses first or be applied to more money losing ventures.As each new money losing venture has been introduced ,the money not spent for what is important effects what falls more into disrepair.So it’s more the balance of Eddies ventures long term that effects how much more we will be forced to keep the paying of our dollars to offset poor decisions that can’t sustain themselves.

    Do we think Drew will change the recipe for failure ? That would be the difference between those who follow and those who truly lead.I think we know where this is going .

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