Unconquered Sun’s Unlimited Potential

The founder of Unconquered Sun, Sean Moore, announced the acquisition of the solar energy company by Bluewater Power of Sarnia, on 29 January 2015.Photo by Ian Shalapata.

The founder of Unconquered Sun, Sean Moore, announced the acquisition of the solar energy company by Bluewater Power of Sarnia, on 29 January 2015.
Photo by Ian Shalapata.

Header-image-Shalapata-2By Ian Shalapata

(TECUMSEH, ON) – Sarnia’s Bluewater Power has snapped up the premier solar energy company Unconquered Sun. The Tecumseh firm has made a name for itself in the world of renewable energy through its partnership with NASA as well as the home-based, rooftop and ground-mounted, solar generation installations. In the process, Unconquered Sun also tracked across Bluewater Power’s radar, leading the energy company to contact founder Sean Moore with regards to forming a partnership.

“I’ve always wanted [Unconquered Sun] to be a legacy company,” explained Moore. “I’ve always wanted this to be around for the next 100 years. And this is our opportunity to do that.”

Unconquered Sun Bluewater Power Janice McMichael-Dennis

Janice McMichael-Dennis, CEO of Bluewater Power, was on hand at the announcement. With the resources available within the Bluewater group of companies, the potential for Unconquered Sun is limitless.
Photo by Ian Shalapata.

Currently, Bluewater Power includes two landfill gas generation projects in its renewable energy portfolio. The president and CEO, Janice McMichael-Dennis, terms the acquisition of Unconquered Sun as a “perfect complement” to the group of companies.

“Bluewater Power is always looking for hidden gems,” McMichael-Dennis said. “We’re thrilled at the end of the day to find that it’s a great fit. It’s a good deal for us and hopefully a good deal for Unconquered Sun, as well”

Bluewater Power is a 100 year-old company and provides the same types of services, to the residents of Sarnia and Lambton County, as does EnWin in Windsor. Bluewater also connects customers, who have taken advantage of the province’s Feed-In-Tariff program, into the distributor’s grid so they can start to realize income from the power generation. The distributor currently services over 35,900 customers.

Unconquered Sun will continue to operate as a separate business entity but will have the advantage of tapping into the resources available to the companies under the Bluewater umbrella. For Moore, the most important resource is being better able to offer proper salaries and benefits to attract the best and brightest employees.

In that regard, the acquisition of Unconquered Sun has already produced five new, full-time positions at the Tecumseh operations and Moore expects another five to 10 to be added by April of this year. The Bluewater CEO, however, didn’t want to limit the potential growth of Unconquered Sun and suggested there is no end to where the jobs number could go.

”The sky’s the limit,” she said.

For those who may wonder if Bluewater will move the facility to Sarnia, McMichael-Dennis said that a move is not in the plans.

“We have zero intention to move,” she said reassuringly. “We actually own the building so we are firmly planted in this community. This facility is exceptionally impressive and that’s one of the things we were first attracted to.”

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