The Break-In: Police Management Is To Blame

Header-image-StephenBy Robert Stephen

(TORONTO, ON) – While you may be reading about Toronto Mayor John Tory trying to reform carding, it’s clear it is a focus on a big issue. The big issues sometimes overshadow the meat and potatoes of a police presence, that being the deterrence of crime and the apprehension of criminals.

I live in what you may call a nice Toronto neighbourhood. Apparently there is some great contradiction going on here in 53 Division.

It is so nice and prosperous that it’s a haven for break and enters. All my neighbours have been hit. For me it was a broad daylight, side door breakdown at 1:00 pm, while I was out running a few errands.

The contradiction is that the only time I see police on patrol in the neighbourhood is during the annual ceremonial trip in a cruiser down the street. A token police presence.

The most police activity I see are the cruisers in front of the homes as officers take break in reports.

The officers and detectives of the Toronto police force are great. They have seen this sort of thing so many times before, they are a calming force for the victims. They’re not afraid to dispense practical advice to try and ensure it does not happen again.

The question is, “Why does the Toronto Police Services Board not do anything that I or the criminals can see about establishing a presence in our neighbourhood?”

Can you imagine a couple of cops walking the beat or patrolling on bicycles, particularly on week-end evenings? If they did this they would spend less time taking break-in reports while providing some value-added service.

There is a gross misconception going on here when I see more parking enforcement officers than police in my neighbourhood.

I am just a regular guy, paying enormous taxes, but in return I get zero police presence.

Since we can’t bear arms, or create our own vigilante patrols, we are forced to hire private security firms, like they do in the Garden District of New Orleans, to patrol our neighbourhood.

You know our former mayor Rob Ford and our new saviour mayor John Tory. Neither has done, or is doing, diddly squat to protect my neighbourhood. Obviously there are more important police issues than protecting my home and promoting my psychological comfort.

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