Spring Fashion Trends For ’15

khaki-styleHeader-image-JessicaBy Jessica Fought

(WINDSOR, ON) – What s new for summer fashion in 2015? Bright colours, pattern mixes, army green, gingham, flare pants; yep, they’re back. Now let me show you how to rock these looks for mainstream wear.

It’s one thing to see them on the runway, however sometimes the runway fashion seems too daring for mainstream wear.

Well, like in times past, the lighter, brighter colours are no surprise as they have been consistent choices since the beginning of time, pretty much. So what is different in 2015? Is the idea of mixing your bright coloured patterned scarves with patterned clothing?

Much like last fall, mixing patterns is proving to be a fashion mainstay for the warmer weather. And, right now, there really is no wrong or right way to do it. But try to pull a handbag in to match in colour or print.

Army green followed us in from fall 2014 and is not going anywhere any time soon. Look for it in suede, sheer, and camo pattern.

Remember, khaki became the new black in the summer of 2014, so feel free to look for it perhaps in a blazer to polish off your look. Even the most boring neutrals can look sweet with a blazer of print in camo or plain khaki.

We are definitely in the 70’s and 80’s fashion era. You will notice a bit of a flare at the end of stylish pants in your fave stores. No need for a double take, its them. Flares are back. And remember those light weight, long maxi-skirts in gingham, you might see on a retro cleaning commercial? Well, you will now find them in stores for spring and summer.

Another surprise are the overalls. They tend to make an appearance in our stores each spring, but this year they re back in a big way. You will find them in both the skinny-leg and wide-leg. And, since plazzo pants are in with big prints too, this year, you will also find them with print and the plazzo pant leg.

Some of the more popular overalls this year are the more fitted ones in denim or khaki.

Don’t forget to accessorize but, remember, they can make or break your look.

Look for chunky jewellery, chunky heels; the gaudier the better. But when going for a more casual look, such as jeans and T shirt, studs are great, too, especially paired up with earring cuffs or just the cuff alone.

One of the newer hair trends is a rainbow look, which can be achieved by chalking.

Chalking is the new way to add colour without the fuss and concern of hair damage. Simply dampen a piece of your twisted up hair with your fingers then apply a crafting coloured pastel down the strip of hair you want. The look this will achieve is similar to a dip dye.

Another hair trend is to wear the colour in silver or grey. Yes, grey and silver hair is in. In fact, it’s a fashion trend for women of all ages.

Warning. This look is not for everyone. You must have a very good sense of style to wear this in order to appear modern and fashionable. What’s nice about it is that it’s a shade that most skin tones can wear. And, of course, it can be adjusted by your stylist to match or compliment your skin tone.

Celebrities are going crazy with this new fad, this year, and the runways have been using it for quite a while. Now it has joined mainstream fashion.

So have fun with fashion in these warmer months. Be daring, take your selfies but, more importantly, enjoy life.

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