Some Surprise In Car Colour Choice

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(RICHMOND HILL, ON) – With the spring selling season in full bloom, DAC thought it would be timely to ask Canadian vehicle owners about their preferred choice of colour for their next vehicle. While we would caution that consumer desires for their next vehicle do not always come to fruition, during the hard reality of an actual purchase, the results nevertheless contained some surprises.

According to the survey sample of over 1,500 Canadian vehicle owners, black was the most popular response when participants were asked what they would like their next vehicle’s colour to be.

White, silver/grey, and red were also perennial favourites that ranked highly. The surprise in the data was the popularity of blue, which ranked second overall.

As always, provincial variations were notable, with blue being the most popular choice in Quebec, while ranking fourth in Alberta.

Colour preference also shifted when taking into account other variables such as age, income, and type of vehicle. For example, younger drivers had a stronger reference for black cars and higher income earners tended more toward silver/grey.

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