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orange and bronze christmas decor

Adding orange slices 24 hours before your event can add a nice citrus scent.

Header-image-JessicaBy Jessica Faught

(WINDSOR, ON) – It’s holiday time. Are you the kind of decorator who likes to think outside the box and go against the grain? Everyone knows the traditional colours of Christmas are red, green, and white, however, there are a ton of colour options you can use to decorate your home.

Sometimes, red and green clashes with your current home décor, so why not try to highlight your current style with some complementary non-traditional holiday decorating?

Here are some ideas that will work.

gold purpleWhen working with your main wall colour base, decide on what accent colour looks best with the paint colour. This will enable a nice colour-pop for your tree, which will help to pull in your home décor.

Remember, when decorating, everything should complement each other, so find accent colours that will make your wall color-pop, and vice versa.

Find a shiny neutral colour as a base, then chose an accent colour. It’s a great way to start. Try gold, silver, or bronze then, possibly, add some throw pillows to match the accent colour of your holiday purple green and blue christmas decor

If you can find them in a metallic material for the holidays, even better.

If you are decorating on a dime, here is a quick DIY that can help. The supplies can be found at any department or dollar store.

Purchase the same colour that you chose for your accent colour, then take an old pillow case, candle holder, plastic candy dish and, using a hot glue gun, glue on some sequins. Lay it out on a flat surface to dry and you have just added a beautiful shiny element to your home for the holidays, that will easily pull in your holiday accent colour.

There’s an array of colour options, including black and white, that can be used for the holidays. Here are some new trendy holiday colour options that will give you a break from the red and green. However, even if you chose to use red and green, remember, there are many different shades of those colours to work with.

blue holiday decorIf you want to take a break from dark evergreen, maybe try lime. If you want to get away from deep crimson, try cherry red, or even a lighter red. Or, to add an element of surprise, think outside the box.

Have fun with your decorating. Some helpful, inexpensive ideas are to use some thick ribbon intertwined into your branches. The ribbon will pack a powerful punch on a dime.

If you would like to embrace a nice scent from your tree, you might want to add the color orange and use real, fresh-cut oranges about 24 hours before your big event. You’ll get a fresh and inviting citrus smell.

Whether you are a traditionalist or free thinker, decorating can be a fun way to express yourself. Being unique can add a splash of something new and exciting, if you are hosting guests or just for your immediate family to enjoy.

Regardless how your home is decorated, the holiday season is about family, friends, and creating new memories. Let’s not get so tied up in the material things, but rather enjoy the moments we are creating. That will give us a lasting lifetime of memories.

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