Library A Benefactor Of Generous Donation

By Chris Woodrow

(WINDSOR, ON) – The Windsor Public Library has received $250,000 from the estate of Norman Young, who passed away February 13, 2013, and his wife Denise Young.

In 2014, Windsor Public Library was contacted by the solicitor for the Trustee of the estate of Norman Clifford Young advising that, pursuant to his last Will and Testament, a gift was bequeathed to Windsor Public Library. At that time, $5,000 was received with the provision that additional monies would be forthcoming when the estate was finalized.

Following probate, a portion of the estate was divided among several organizations, including WPL. When shared between the organizations, it was determined each would receive $250,000.

The gift is general in nature and has no restricted or specific use.

“We are truly humbled by the generosity of Norman Young,” said WPL CEO Kitty Pope in commenting on the gift. “The WPL Board will be reviewing an appropriate use for the gift that honours the donor’s interest and support of reading and lifelong learning.”

Young was a border guard with no formal education, but both he and his wife had a deep appreciation for learning and knowledge. Denise was an author and artist and Norman was a geologist, oceanographer, stamp collector, coin collector, birder, astronomer, and a science enthusiast.

They both lived through the Great Depression and developed an appreciation for saving, which is now benefitting Windsor Public Library.

In keeping with Windsor Public Library and City of Windsor process, all expenditures have to be approved by both the Library Board and then City Council.

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