Kudos To CCAC Assistance

By Diane McLeod

(WINDSOR, ON) – My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer, which had spread to other organs of the body. Her condition deteriorated rapidly and assistance was required from the Community Care Access Centre.

My mother was an inpatient at the hospital and required a CCAC Hospital Care Coordinator to assess her health care needs and provide supportive services, in the home, upon her hospital discharge.

With the help from the Oncology Care Coordinator, my mother received a comprehensive assessment for essential services in her home and as well as the eligibility for admission to the Hospice Residential Home. The Care Coordinator was helpful, kind and compassionate in her communication with my mother and our family, during this very difficult time.

The health care professional from CCAC was always just a phone call away and was willing to listen to all of our concerns.

CCAC Care Coordinators provide an essential community service and I don’t know where we would be without them.

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Ian Shalapata
Ian Shalapata
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  1. I agree 100% with your statement that these homecare workers are needed as they do a great job taking care of people in need. The problem I have is the caregivers going on strike and leaving these people without their needed assistance. There is no good coming from this strike for the people that need them, their not hurting the government they are only hurting the ones that need them. The caregivers are showing no compassion for their clients, this is a typical union strategy that never works, but only brings shame to its union workers and union leaders. These workers may say they do not have a choice but they do have a choice and it looks like they made the wrong one.

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