Kingston Makes Rain Barrels Available To Residents

(KINGSTON, ON) – Utilities Kingston now has up to 1,000 rain barrels for sale to its customers. The barrels will be delivered to customers’ homes. No delivery appointment is required, and customers do not need to be home to receive their rain barrel.

Rain barrels cost $42, including HST. This charge will be added to the customer’s Utilities Kingston bill upon delivery. Rain barrels are available to Utilities Kingston customers who receive municipal water and waste water services in the City of Kingston.

These rain barrels hold approximately 210 litres, have a child-proof lid and mosquito and debris screen to keep water in the barrel clean and free of pests, and may be connected to other barrels to increase water capture capacity.

Rain barrels help protect the environment by reducing the amount of treated lake water used for watering gardens, and by diverting rainwater from the sanitary and storm sewer systems. They help conserve energy by reducing the amount of water and wastewater that Utilities Kingston needs to pump and treat, and save residents money by lowering water consumption.

Plus, rain water contains minerals that make it better for plants than treated tap water.

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