Grid Control To Remain In Ontario Despite Selling Hydro One

(TORONTO, ON) – To ensure a safe and reliable supply of electricity, a state-of-the-art facility that manages the flow of power within the grid will be required by law to remain in Ontario.

In anticipation of the Initial Public Offering of Hydro One, the Premier’s Advisory Council on Government Assets recommends that operations at Grid Control Centre continue to be maintained in Ontario. The government has accepted this advice and will also require Hydro One’s headquarters and senior leadership to remain located in the province.

Hydro One is one of the top ten largest electricity transmission and distribution systems in North America.

Hydro One’s Ontario Grid Control Centre, located in Barrie, is a state of the art facility that operates 97 per cent of the transmission grid in Ontario as well as the power distribution assets of Hydro One. The Control Centre works directly with local electricity distribution companies across the province to ensure rapid, coordinated responses that maintain system reliability.

"The Ontario Grid Control Centre is a vital piece of Ontario’s electricity system infrastructure,” said Jeff Lehman, the mayor of Barrie. “I am pleased that the government has accepted the recommendation of the Premier’s Advisory Council on Government Assets that this resource remains in Ontario, right here in Barrie."

The transmission system controlled by the Ontario Grid Control Centre operators includes 29,000 km of transmission line, 123,500 km of distribution line, enough to circle the earth three times; 91,195 transmission structures (towers and poles), 284 transmission stations, and 1,008 distribution stations.

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  1. The grid control remaining in Ontario is good news, the bad news is our hydro rates will be increasing at a steady pace. The way things are going we will be reading in candle light, cooking over a fire pit, and we will all need to put natural fireplaces in our home to keep warm in the winter. The Provincial Liberal government under Wynn is making us Ontarians step backwards not go forward, now are you Liberal supporters happy yet.

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