Fundraiser Held To Promote Westside Reunion

aj-n-glo-wwsrHeader-image-JessicaBy Jessica Faught

(WINDSOR, ON) – Well, we mentioned before about how Windsor’s West Side is booming with many things to do for individuals, companies, and families. In June, the Windsor Westside Reunion hosted a fund-raiser at the Sandwich Teen Action Group to help fund their community barbecue picnic, which is held annually every August at Mic Mac Park.

The event had something for everyone including a self-esteem building pageant which showcased the talent of children. Every child who participated received a trophy and goodie bag. Windsor Westside Reunion’s You’re My Hero Pageant showcased some incredibly talented children. It was also nice to see the major focus being on children trying their best.

blue-dress-wwsrSome of the talents involved cheerleading, singing, drumming, and reciting poems. One young toddler, just out of his infancy, worked with his mom on stage and named the alphabet by being shown flash cards. Someone call Jimmy Fallon.

The children also proudly publically spoke about who their heroes are. Some mentioned their parents, teachers, or grand- parents, and they did so with much poise.

The You’re My Hero Pageant had many businesses which purchased vending tables for just $5. Many businesses lined the STAG gym, showcasing their products, including young children who sold homemade crafts for the cause, and an eight year old entrepreneur who has her own jewellery line.

cute-girl-wwsr-reviewThere were food tables where barbecued chicken and baked goods were offered at a reasonable price, and so much more. There was something for everyone.

Rodney Jones and many others proudly sang community-building songs that were ideal for the occasions and well received by all.

The community beautifully worked together to help ensure that this year’s Windsor Westside Reunion Community Picnic will be another win for the residents. The Westside Reunion Community Picnic at Mic Mac Park brings in families and individuals from across Windsor, not just the west end, to be enjoyed by all.

Members of the community are asked to bring a dish to share with everyone. This results in a beautiful large pot-luck event, complete with live entertainment, free swimming, games, prizes, and much more.

This year the Windsor Westside Reunion is scheduled for August 15 from noon until 6:00

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