Family Literacy Day

By Chris Woodrow

(WINDSOR, ON) – Today, families across Windsor will participate in Family Literacy Day, a national initiative promoting the importance of reading and engaging in literacy-related activities as a family.

The Windsor Public Library encourages family literacy year round and is always striving to recognize the literacy needs of parents and children and provide an environment conducive to reading.

Families are encouraged to provide children with their very own library cards, and let children select the books they would like to read, find new stories for children to read each week in bookstores, at neighbourhood book swaps or garage sales, and make a regular trip to the library and make time to read as a family.

Just 15 minutes a day can impact children’s learning skills and improve their chance for success.

Time challenged parents, particularly single parents, are urged to ask about resources and programs for young children.

The Windsor Public Library offers tips and activities to encourage family literacy.

  • It’s never too early to read to your children.  Even new-borns benefit from reading;
  • Ask your kids to help you make a shopping list. Read and make recipes with them. Help your children make a calendar of their weekly activities;
  • Create a special cosy reading place for your children and their books – their very own library;
  • Use television to start a discussion with children. Find the books that inspired the movies or shows, and read them with your children;
  • Give your teen’s books, newspaper articles and magazines about things that interest them – music, TV, movies, and computers. Talk with them about their interests;
  • Impress upon children the importance you place on reading and learning;
  • Use the dictionary to look up new words that have come up in conversation, on the radio, or in books you read together. Show your children how to spell the word, and what other words might be used as a substitute.

Additional information on children’s programming at the Windsor Public Library can be obtained online or by calling 519-255-6770.

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