Cost-Cutting PostMedia Offers Buyouts At Windsor Star

Header-image-Shalapata-2By Ian Shalapata

(WINDSOR, ON) – In the midst of a rights offering and final prospectus filed by PostMedia Inc, reports are now circulating that the Canadian newspaper conglomerate has announced layoffs and offered voluntary buyouts at three of its news outlets. In order to cut costs, and presumably to raise the needed $173.5 million through its rights offering on February 17, an undisclosed number of national reporters have been laid off.

Applications for the voluntary buyouts are due on February 19, two days after the rights offering. Buyouts have been offered at the Windsor Star, the Montreal Gazette, and the Ottawa Citizen

Communications v-p at PostMedia, Phyllise Gelfand, confirmed with media that the layoffs are part of consolidating national coverage out of Toronto. A year ago, PostMedia laid off reporters at their Parliament Hill bureau in consolidation efforts. The latest layoffs came to light via social media and later confirmed by PostMedia.

The national film critic for Postmedia, Katherine Monk, tweeted Thursday afternoon, “I have just been terminated by Postmedia News Network. Free at least, free at last…” Later Monk tweeted, “The whole network got axed. I guess a company that loses money every quarter isn’t sustainable.”

Postmedia announced in January that the corporation lost revenues of $10.3 million in the last quarter, or 13%.

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2 Comments on "Cost-Cutting PostMedia Offers Buyouts At Windsor Star"

  1. Unfortunately no one likes to see anyone laid off, but if the papers are not selling and the stories are not interesting this is what happens.
    I don’t know what the other papers are like but I quit buying the Windsor Star years ago. They were always one sided and really never printed the whole story, only what they wanted you to read. When you loose trust in a newspaper reporting, you stop buying that newspaper, it is just that simple.

  2. blindsight | 6 February 2015 at 18:20 |

    You hate to see this go on for the everyday worker.But it seems likes Target, they take the brunt of bad management .And like Target I doubt they start to clean house at the top end the way it should be done to begin with

    As far as those that attempt to right editorials for Windsor, there isn’t must sympathy if this comes to pass. The only good would be less of those to promote locate political misdirection .If they can’t report the facts as they should be then they aren’t really don’t Windsor reader’s any service to start with .

    Local media seems to work on a skeleton crew ,so as you continue to pay more for the end product ,has it got to the point the whole system needs to have a reboot to address how the service is used today ?

    Industries change and PostMedia needs partners to have a future .Something Windsor hasn’t been able to grasp in it’s go along attitude with ventures it takes on.

    The tweet “Free at least, free at last” seems to be an indicator that journalism may not be a given when it comes to PostMedia.Not a surprise if true .

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