Cigar Man Cleans Up

Header-image-JessicaBy Jessica Faught

(WINDSOR, ON) – Cool fall air blew in the completion of a short film by Windsor film writers Mike Testani and Christopher Chiasson.

Chiasson has been delving into his creative film making zone for quite some time. He always thought that good film making involved a large amount of start-up funds, and expensive equipment, while, this can be true depending on what the film calls for, it is not always a necessity. And, with the help of some local actors who shared a camaraderie, it proved this to be false, in the making of the The Clean Up, part 2 in the Cigar Man series.

Testani, owner of Zoo 2You and writer of part 1 of the series, Dog Day Afternoon, was the co-writer, location manager, and producer of this film. Dog Day Afternoon, not to be confused with the Pacino film,was the kick off to the production of Cigar Man, a series starring Testani , Scott Boorn, and Maggie Yoell.

Chiasson and Testani met in 2009, however the two lost contact for some time. After a bad experience with a film entitled Dead Love Night, which made Chiasson question if he ever wanted to direct a movie again, the pair reunited, as Testani convinced Chiasson to make another short film, which became Dog Day Afternoon. Subsequently, Cigar Man emerged.

Boorn, a friend of Testani, wowed during his audition, and perfectly fit the bill as Hunter. Coincidently, one of Boorn’s past times is hunting, thus Boorn became Hunter.

Filling the role as Hunter’s niece, Sunshine, is Maggie Yoell, a friend of Chiasson’s who originally wrote the small comic relief role for a male actor. However, after being unable to contact the actor for a call back, Yoell was asked to help recruit a replacement.

To his surprise, Yoell recommended herself.

Chiasson didn’t think she could play the original role as written, so he expanded the character and Sunshine was born.

Post production, Chiasson said everyone had fun onset and was a joy to work with.

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