2014 Municipal Election: Was Your Family Exploited?

Header-image-Shalapata-2By Ian Shalapata

(WINDSOR, ON) – The important role Huron Lodge plays in the Windsor community cannot be exaggerated. Nor can the lifetime of contributions made by the seniors who seek the services offered by the residence.

It is, however, a dastardly act to exploit the persons living there for political gain.

Huron Lodge is a 224-bed facility providing long- and short-term residence to those who have served Windsor and Canada for considerable time. The Lodge is a Windsor-owned and Windsor-operated care facility.

In July 2014, the City of Windsor claimed that the Preliminary List of Electors (PLE), received from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), contained the names of 112 residents living at Huron Lodge. In fact, going back to the 2010 MPAC list provided to the City, there are absolutely no Huron Lodge residents listed.

Between September 2 and 12, the City’s election officials were to amend the MPAC PLE by adding, deleting, and changing the list to account for deaths, new voters, and the like. For Huron Lodge, the City added 49 names during this timeframe, though surprisingly the surnames only covered from A to H, and one person was deleted.

Simple math indicates that 160 persons were declared to be at Huron Lodge during the time leading up to the election.

So why did the City mail 254 Voter Notification Cards (VNC) to Huron Lodge? Many on the list were deceased and had been for up to a decade. The investigative team sought out who would have allowed dead persons to be on a voters list.

We called MPAC in Toronto and the Freedom of Information Coordinator assured us that the deceased are removed from the list. When the dead appeared on the City’s mailing list, officials said it was MPAC’s fault.

The City’s list goes through a double check, through both MPAC and the City-maintained Vital Statics Registry, so it was not surprising that the MPAC employee was taken aback. He asked, “Are you sure they didn’t use a different list?”

The deceased were not on the 2010 MPAC list, nor on the 2014 provincial list, so how did they get onto the City’s 2014 list? The only reasonable answer is that the City of Windsor increased the number of electors on the list by adding dead persons.

Here are some examples of who appeared on the City list.

  • Josephine Greenaway, died in 2010, received VNC, was not on the provincial list
  • Robert Kelk, died 13 November 2010, received VNC, was not on the provincial list
  • Russell Rudling, died 6 November 2010, received VNC, was not on the provincial list
  • Anna Slavik, died 19 August 2010, received VNC, was not on the provincial list
  • Genevieve Letteri, died 7 October 2011, received VNC, was not on provincial list

After meeting with Windsor Police last week, we had some road-bumps to overcome. This week, however, we have been reassured that the investigators are taking a serious look at, at least, four major pieces of evidence, the results of which should, and will, be made public.

There seems to be some renewed energy at WPS to dig deeper.

The real concern is that deceased seniors were exploited.

Any person worried that their family member, who has passed on, may have been used to fill-out the list of electors can email The Square and your information will be forwarded to the police.

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  1. Good work and kudos to all involved in this obvious scam. When I read that the city tried to muzzled Canada Post, it set off my spider senses big time. Now it would appear that the city used Huron Lodge for nefarious reasons. My question would be is it just Huron Lodge that was used or could other nursing/retirement homes be used in the same manner? My Mom died in 2010 at Chateau Park. Should I be checking?

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