1, 2, 3 Let’s Go To Brock

Header-image-JessicaBy Jessica Faught

(WINDSOR, ON) – The registration time for kindergarten is upon us. If you have a child who was born in 2010 or ‘11, you may not know that February 11 is the General Brock Kindergarten Open House.

Kindergarten offers a great avenue for children to interact with other kids and make new friends. Children in kindergarten have better positive behaviours as compared to other children, especially in areas of independent learning, productivity, and originality.

Let’s talk General Brock Public School.

General Brock is a unique school, located in beautiful, historic Old Sandwich Town; which should prove attractive to Windsor s many newcomers.

Did you know that the school’s property is the only facility of its kind, because it houses a school, day-care, library, and police station, making it the first building of its type?

The school has emerged as one of the strongest community supporters for diversity. Numerous ethnicities represent the Brock School community, giving General Brock the persona of a mini-United Nations. Your family and you can make friends with people of almost every different ethnic background of which you can think.

There is a warm, inviting environment when you walk into the school. The community General Brock serves is the first place in our country to incorporate the four founding nations of this country; First Nations, African Descent, French, and British.

“We celebrate diversity and multiculturalism daily,”said Brock Vice-Principal Mark Roth. “Our students participate in inter- school athletics, house- league, and many school wide clubs.”

The four corners the school sits on represent freedom in a big way. Freedom of Assembly, found at St John’s Church, Freedom of Religion at St John’s Hall, General Brock for Freedom of Education, and McKenzie Hall for Freedom of Justice.

Almost everyone wants these four elements practiced by their children, and General Brock has been supporting these ideologies since its inception.

“Despite the fact that the school is small, we have managed to ensure that plenty of extra-curricular activities are offered to the students,” said fifth grade teacher Brian Barlett. “Chess Club, an on-going fall volleyball tournament, soccer, basketball, and much more. Also, many field trips are offered to the children including an on-going health fair at the University of Windsor; Brock is definitely a hidden gem.”

Gail Strasser is a grade two teacher at Brock. She became teary eyed when she spoke about how the students carry themselves, saying they daily greet her from the time she leaves her car to her entry to the breakfast room.

“They treat me like a princess. They offer to carry my parcels for me; not once in a blue moon, but on a daily basis,” she said. “I am amazed by the fact the students have a genuine care for teachers. It has nothing to do with any incentives we can give them. Its genuine, when I’m in the elevators with them, they actually make small talk.”

Strasser said she is pleased by the cleanliness of the school. “There is never vandalism, nor trash on the property.”

Diversity, Freedom, Free Nutritious meals, Many extra- curricular activities, house leagues, chess club, a strong working relationship with the local university and colleges, an inviting parent council, open to all parents to give their feedback and input, this is what is being offered at General Brock Public School.

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  1. Kindergarten is great for little children, but what is unbelievable is we are sending 4 year old children to junior kindergarten all day. Children should go to kindergarten for a half day, and there should be no junior kindergarten at all, this is a money grab by the teachers and their union. What we the taxpayers are paying for is a glorified daycare centre, because parents are not taking the time to teach their children the basics numbers and alphabet. The working parents now have a free babysitter that is costing us the taxpayers a lot of unnecessary tax dollars.

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