Windsor Makes High-Speed Rail List

(TORONTO, ON) – Ontario is taking the next step to build a high-speed rail line that will connect Windsor, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Toronto, which will improve travel options, reduce travel time and create jobs by getting people moving. With a planned stop at Toronto Pearson International Airport, the high-speed rail line will better connect communities across Ontario, and will help connect south-western Ontario businesses with the global economy.

The start of an environmental assessment (EA) marks the next phase of the project, which includes identifying the most appropriate route, examining state-of-the-art transportation technology options, and an environmental impact evaluation.

“We are moving forward with an environmental assessment process for a high-speed rail line that would connect Windsor, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Toronto,” said Steven Del Duca, Minister of Transportation. “The high-speed rail line would improve travel options, reduce travel times and support economic development across the province.”

The EA will be guided by consultations in early 2015 with municipal and business groups, as well as with First Nation and Métis communities.

On December 5, Del Luca met with Matt Brown, the mayor of London, as well as key business leaders to discuss the latest plans. Discussions also took place with business partners in London’s technology industry and members of the Small Business Centre, the London Chamber of Commerce, and the London Economic Development Corporation.

“This is fantastic news for London. High speed rail will benefit many vital economic sectors in London. We look forward to working with the Province on this initiative,” said Brown.

High-speed rail service connecting Windsor, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Toronto is part of the government’s long-term transit and infrastructure plan. The plan will make nearly $29 billion available over the next 10 years for investments in priority infrastructure projects across the province, including public transit, roads, bridges, and highways.

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  1. We my have made the list but don’t count on it happening for us we are at the bottom of the list being an NDP city.

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