Windsor Holds A Little Sway

Crissi Cochrane

Crissi Cochrane

(WINDSOR, ON) – Windsor-based pop singer & songwriter Crissi Cochrane is set to release her new album, Little Sway, next week on Monday January 27.

Produced in Windsor with local engineers and musicians, Little Sway sees Crissi stepping into new creative territory. While the artist’s previous release, the Pretty Alright EP (2011) reached #5 on the national campus radio Folk chart, this new album carries the influence of jazz, soul, bossa nova, Motown, and R&B.

It is a spirited and charming album, with a modern pop sensibility, which pays homage to great swing and blues musicians of the past, such as mid-century sax players Stan Getz and Lester Young (whose styles influenced the sax arrangements on the record), and writers George and Ira Gershwin (whose 1924 song “The Man I Love”, popularized by Billie Holiday, is reinterpreted by Crissi on this album).

This warm, vintage spirit is painted anew with modern, crafted beats and programming from the creative genius of Windsor producer Adam Rideout-Arkell.

A Little SwayCrissi attributes the change in her musical style to the change in her environment. Born and raised on the East Coast of Canada, Crissi moved to Windsor from Halifax, NS, in 2010. Windsor/Detroit’s dense radio airwaves, second-hand vinyl shops, and rich musical history sparked a creative revolution in the young writer.

On Little Sway, Crissi marries the heart of the East Coast with the soul of Windsor/Detroit.

Little Sway features bass and drums by Mike Hargreaves and Stefan Cvetkovic, both of local rock/soul trio The Walkervilles, and saxophone/trumpet arrangements by Drew Jurecka, who has arranged songs for internationally acclaimed artists Jill Barber, Raine Maida, and Jully Black.

The album debuts worldwide on iTunes, Bandcamp, and at on Monday, January 27.

In Windsor, Crissi will celebrate Little Sway with an album release show at The Phog Lounge, at 157 University Ave. West, on Saturday, February 15, with special guests Sarah Hiltz and Mike Hargreaves. Doors open at 9:30 pm. 19+ only.

Tickets are $10, on sale now online.

Here is a preview of the first single, “AND STILL WE MOVE“, released Jan 1. Here is the artist performing “BE AROUND” from the album live-off-the-floor.

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