Star Perpetuates Divisiveness

By Tim Stewart

(WINDSOR, ON) – The day after the municipal election the Windsor Star published an editorial assigning yet another label to those who did not support the Dilkens mayoral campaign or the Francis administration. Malcontents was added to a long list of derogatory terms used to identify nearly forty five per cent of the citizens of this community.

Before our new mayor dons the chain of office for the first time, the media makes it clear how the opposition should be handled.

The opposition cannot be simply that, the opposition, they must be demonized lest someone actually stops to listen to the reasons for the opposition.

One day later, we were treated to a vitriolic Chris Vander Doelen column based on hearsay and errors in fact. That column, since removed from the website, corrected and apologized for, was an example of the worst kind of journalism.

Opinion columnists are granted a great deal of leeway that should not be exploited at the expense of good people.

The erroneous information contained in the article was undoubtedly taken for and repeated as the truth by more than one person in Facebook comments and otherwise, notwithstanding the apology.

Ironically, the October 28 editorial closes with the suggestion that it will be Drew Dilkens’, “job to build consensus” and that a, “positive attitude” will be required.

The Windsor Star might consider following its own suggestions.

A good start would be to eliminate the juvenile practice of name calling and labelling people. That goes for everyone of course.

If Mr Dilkens wants to build consensus, he will lead the discussion about restoring the Auditor General’s office and conducting a genuine value for money audit of EnWin.

The divisive tone of the conversation surrounding the future of this city needs to change. The leadership, to make that happen, can begin with responsible and respectful journalism as well as open transparent government.

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Ian Shalapata
Ian Shalapata is the owner and publisher of Square Media Group. He covers politics, the police beat, community events, the arts, sports, and everything in between. His imagery and freelance contributions have appeared in select publications and for organizations in Canada and the United States. Contact Ian with story ideas.

3 Comments on "Star Perpetuates Divisiveness"

  1. The Windsor Star is obligated to its readers to print the facts not lies, and CV should get time off without pay for his attack which was not warranted against Millson.

    The CUPE will pay for supporting Millson that’s just how things work down at city hall, look what happen after the last election to the west end parks closed pools closed, infrastructure falling apart.

    There will be no AG at city hall that would show the taxpayers the value for money audit for the WFCU arena, the Aquatic Centre, the empty airport hanger, and Enwin would show the taxpayers the actual tax dollars we are loosing ever year.

    The next four years we can expect the infrastructure to get worse, more basement flooding, still having the highest unemployment in Canada, as well as the highest poverty percentage in Canada which is 18.3%. The new city hall will be over budget like all the other city projects by at least 30%, and we the taxpayers will foot the bill.

  2. It’s nice to see someone else is as disgusted with the Star as I am. The only problem is they don’t care about responsible journalism, just their own agenda & we know what that is. Dilkens will continue Eddie’s game plan & will get all the help he needs from an office in the WFCU. There will be NO auditor general, NO audits & No transparency & Windsor will continue to stagnate as it has under the Francis regime. Windsor you have nobody to blame but yourself as you elected the status quo ( those who voted ) & those of you who didn’t vote, JUST SHUT UP.

  3. linda mclean |5 November 2014 at 14:25 |

    And elephants fly.

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