Sing Loud, Sing Proud, Again

By Joshua Hero Haddon

(WINDSOR, ON) – Local artist, Jarrett Sorko has released a sequel music video to his 2011 YouTube video, Yo, I’m From Windsor Dude.

Windsor is no longer number one in Canada in unemployment. Our many hat wearing Mayor is moving on to greener pastures. Caesars Windsor has announced it will end  paying  contributions to the Downtown BIA, and Feather Hat Guy, well he has even more feathers in his hat these days.

A lot has changed since Jarrett Sorko first released his hyper-local, hyper viral smash hit Yo, I’m From Windsor Dude. Sorko has changed a lot as well.

“When I first made Yo, I’m From Windsor Dude I had just got some recording equipment and was messing around in my room,” Sorko told me.

Sorko’s newest project was produced sans-bedroom, in Puce, by Robert Maslanka of Dynamic North Audio.

Jarrett Sorko For Mayor is a five-song EP set to release April 20. As a preview to his “four twenty” EP drop, his new single 519 hit the internet in a big way four days ago.

519, which is a Windsor themed, blue-collar ballad, went live on March 23 and has over 5,500 views on YouTube.

With lyrics like, “My best friends dad made the car you drive,” you are bound to give this video at least a smirk. Which, as we know, is the Windsor code for approval.

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