Sharing The Roadway

By Matthew D’Asti

(WINDSOR, ON) – The Windsor Police Service will be conducting a Sharing the Roadway traffic initiative during the month of April. The month of April usually sees increased usage of motorcycles, e-bikes, and bicycles on our roadways. The number of users generally increases until the summer months.

The Windsor Police Service is reminding drivers to be aware of what is around their vehicles at all times.

During the warmer months we need to pay extra attention to motorcycles and cyclists using the roadway. Always check your blind spots before turning or changing lanes. Take time to check your mirrors and to make shoulder checks prior to making lane changes. Signalling is a matter of law, courtesy, and self protection. Always use signals when changing lanes, turning, or pulling over.

Cyclist and e-bikes are expected to follow the rules of the road like every other vehicle using the roadway. This includes making full stops at stop signs and red lights and not proceeding until the light is green. It is against the law to ride on the sidewalk or in the crosswalk.

Cyclists and e-bike riders are reminded to have proper lighting and using lights after dark to ensure visibility.

In an effort to reduce accidents, the Windsor Police Service will be enforcing unsigned and unsafe lane changes, turning, and stop sign violations, distracted driving violations, as well as bicycle and e-bike equipment and rules of the road infractions.

The WPS wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable riding season.

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  1. Lets hope the police ticket the bicycle riders for braking the law, I see it all the time even now with their own bike lanes in the city. The vehicle drivers must respect these bicycle riders and the riders need to respect the vehicle drivers as well, it’s a two way street as they say.

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