Sewer System Out Of Date

(WINDSOR, ON) – Last week, CBC Windsor reported that untreated human waste could be getting dumped into the Detroit River two or three times a month, when the city’s wastewater treatment plants get overwhelmed by storms. This happens more often on Windsor’s west side, due to much older wastewater infrastructure.

"It’s disgusting to think that in 2014 human waste is being dumped into our river due to inadequate infrastructure; this is truly astonishing,” said John Millson. “Windsor has the highest sewer surcharges in the province – 45% higher than the provincial average – and we still have to put up with an out-dated and often overwhelmed sewage system, that is resulting in E. Coli in our water," Millson concluded.

E. Coli is a potentially fatal bacteria that was a cause of multiple deaths in Walkerton, in 2001.

The problem of untreated waste getting dumped into the Detroit River is made worse by the 30-35% of households that have sewer systems dating back many decades. As a result of the out-dated infrastructure, waste is dumped directly into area waterways, untreated, according to the City of Windsor’s manager of environmental quality.

"Untreated human waste is being dumped right into the same waterways that are the source of our drinking water, and the $70 million needed to resolve this problem was spent on a fancy pool," said Millson. "I will focus on getting back to basics. When it comes to infrastructure, we need to make roads and sewers our top priority; cancel the pedestrian underpass and review the proposed city parking garage."

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2 Comments on "Sewer System Out Of Date"

  1. I hope those that are going to vote see who is willing to review the everyday issues and who would rather stick their head in the sand when such topics are mentioned during the campaign .These issues doing go away whether it’s currently being discussed or forgot about after the election .

    So we have these other mayor wannabes that really haven’t wanted to talk about these types of issues ,then what would you expect if any one of them gets the mayor’s chair ?

    So after the election we will see how these topics are either followed up on or dismissed after the smoke clears.

    Drew ,please don’t take your head out of the sand ,it’s working wonder’s, for people that want to know .And we will wait to see what Larry can offer on this subject.

  2. I must agree with Mr. Millson on this issue that the infrastructure is in poor shape and there is no reason it should be that way. Our present mayor and city council spent this money needed for our infrastructure for a pool and an empty airport hanger. Now we have a man that is responsible for this issue running for mayor ( Drew Dilkens ) saying if elected he will continue on the same path.

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