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By Victoria Posloski

(WINDSOR, ON) – Are you going to be a statistic? One of those people that, “Have fallen and can’t get up.” Do you remember the little jingle on that commercial, where the elderly lady is laying on the floor unable to get up?

Pyramid SecurityI’ll never forget one of my customers. We’ll call her “Mary”. Mary lived alone and happened to fall in her bathroom, but that’s not the worst part. She got stuck between her bathtub and the toilet.

Poor Mary laid there all day with a broken hip until her neighbour found  her later in the evening. You can easily avoid becoming another “Mary”.

I will not bore you with the stats, but one in three woman over 65 are apt to fall down at home. This is where your medical pendant becomes a life line.

Let me back up a bit and explain the life saving features on the key pad associated with your home alarm.

Whether or not your alarm is armed, you have immediate access to Police, Fire, and Ambulance services by simply pressing a button on your key pad. The key pad is usually located on the wall by the door that is used daily.

Dialling 911 is the government system and the operators must ask mandated questions. It is so much easier and faster to just press the appropriate button, as the monitoring centre already has your information; they know your name, phone number, and, most importantly, address.

If you ever need medical attention, you press medical. If your neighbour’s shed is burning, you press fire. If someone is creeping around in your back yard, you press police.

The police panic button is a silent alarm, which means your keypad doesn’t make any noise and the monitoring centre doesn’t call you. But the police are on their way. If you press the fire and medical buttons, your key pad will make some noise, and the monitoring centre will call you.

If you can’t reach the buttons because you are on the floor with a broken bone, do not despair. Medical key fobs, or pendants, are more popular than ever. They are part of you home security system, especially for seniors who live alone.

Most people just wear them around their neck, and some clip them onto their belts or pants. They have a radius of 300 feet around your home, so if you are outside gardening, and need help, you just press the button. I mean medical help, not help with pulling the weeds. You’re on your own with that one.

The response time is so much faster when you have a private company watching your home 24/7. They make sure the first signs of fire don’t go unnoticed, they make sure you’re notified that the sump pump sensor is going off, and they make sure that any unauthorized people won’t be spending hours rooting through your belongings.

They’re also making sure you’re not laying on the floor all day alone, waiting for somebody, anybody to help you.

For a small investment in yourself, and your home (you actually pay less than your home phone, less than the internet, less than satellite, less than cable), you too can have a Life Line as well as peace of mind.

After all, it is about you, isn’t it?

Let’s face it. None of us are getting any younger.

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