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Header-image-StephenBy Robert K. Stephen

(MONTREAL, QC) – The temptation is always there when it comes to transportation from the airport into the city. Just grab a taxi and head into city centre. Actually, in most North American airports that’s the way it is as this isn’t much of an option other than a bus or shuttle.

Just look at Pearson Airport in Toronto. You can hop on a city bus, that stops at every possible street corner, and end up at Lawrence station to transfer down to the Yonge subway line, to downtown. A very long and unpleasant experience if you have any luggage.

Or you can take a bus that will drop you off directly at several hotels.

This is a sad state, considering most European airports offer direct train or subway access into the city.

While there is no train in Montreal, to whisk you into the city, there is a great bus service run by the STM, the municipal body that runs public transport in Montreal. All you have to do at Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport is to get to exit 28 and pay $10 at a machine, and you have a ride into Montreal. Or you can pay on board with $10 in coins.

Once in the city, there are 11 stops at major streets. If you are wheeling luggage a few blocks, is that OK with you?

Additionally, your $10 ticket also includes unlimited bus and subway use for 24 hours. What a deal for a penniless pensioner.

What a great way to encourage public transport.

Cutely named, and appropriately too, this is the 747 Bus. The service runs 24/7. Peak times are 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

You can grab a brochure at the 747 Bus kiosk, near Exit 28, which has a route map and correlates hotels with each stop. You will also be able to see the schedule to and from the airport. As well, you will have a map of the subway system and how to contact the STM website. The STC fares are set forth, also.

Note that you can also go to the STM website and it will plan your trip for you. Oh, how I love the smooth ride of the Montreal Metro as opposed to the rattling and screeching of the subways in Toronto.

Warhol exhibit Montreal Time magazine Michael JacksonWhat better way to take advantage of your 24-hour free transportation than to visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, on 1380 Sherbrooke Street West.

The Penniless Pensioner should note that those 65 years and older have free admission to the Museum on Thursdays. Sadly this gratis entry will not include special exhibitions.

There are two major special exhibits, one being Warhol Mania and the other Van Gogh to Kandinsky. A further article will describe these shows.

This wonderful service, which started in September 2014, is my choice of transportation into the city of Montreal. It’s a veritable Penniless Pensioner score.

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