Making Contact


By Victoria Posloski

(WINDSOR, ON) – Relax conspiracy theorists, I am not taking about greeting an alien, or looking up a number on your phone. I’m talking about door contacts; some folks call them sensors.

You say potato, I say po-ta-toe. Either name works the same, but I prefer to call them contacts.

Pyramid SecurityDoor contacts are designed to protect against any unauthorized entry to your home. The wireless type are installed at the top of your door with a little magnet on the trim. Hard-wired contacts are installed in the frame of the door, the wires are fished up thru the unfinished basement ceiling.

When the bad guy decides to boot in one of your doors, they break the connection and your alarm goes off. In the monitoring centre, once again the specialist knows the exact location of the signal that has been sent.

They will call the house to see if everything is okay, because they must verify if it was simply human error or an actual break-in. If you don’t answer the phone, the police are dispatched at once.

I have noticed throughout the years that some men put great value on their “stuff” in the garage. Our customers get protection on all their doors, the outside and inside garage man-doors, the patio, front, side, garden, etc.

Did you know that there is a high percentage of people that get broken into via the front door? That’s right, and during the day, no less. Bad things don’t always happen at night.

While you are busy at work, the kids are in school, and the dog is home alone, your house could be targeted. I have heard many stories of people leaving their garage doors open while they just, “run to the store for 5 minutes.”

That’s all it takes for a low life individual to saunter into your garage and walk straight into your house through the inside garage door. By the time you get back home, the damage is done. Better get on the phone and call the police and your insurance company because you’ve been robbed.

This is all happening while your unbelievable, great neighbours are doing their own thing. Did you really buy your house so someone else could watch the comings and goings? It’s not your neighbour’s responsibility; it’s yours!

Don’t misunderstand me. Programs like Neighbourhood Watch do help keep a community safe, but ultimately its your house and the onus is on you.

After you get ripped off, your homeowner insurance may or may not go up. Homeowners with monitored alarms may receive up to a 20% with their insurance. One major insurer has been giving me a 15% discount. It won’t change my lifestyle, but its certainly better than getting increases. Your liability goes down, especially when you have all three services; intrusion, fire, and flood protection.

By the way, fire coverage is the most costly.

Hopefully you’ll never come home home and find out you’ve had an uninvited guest. So, when you hear the word contact, think safety; think security.

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Ian Shalapata
Ian Shalapata
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