Largest Greenhouse In Canada Under Construction

(VINELAND, ON) – The Ontario government is supporting the agri-food sector through the construction of a world-class greenhouse. Through a $10 million investment, construction is underway on a greenhouse facility at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre that will be the largest research facility of its kind in Canada.

The 3,700-square-metre facility will focus on developing innovative technologies that will help get more food to market faster.

The greenhouse facility will be used for research to create crops that are more resilient to Ontario conditions and more profitable to grow, enhanced horticultural production systems, including natural and automated pest-management systems for greenhouse operations, and consumer insights to support new products, including different varieties of vegetables, apples, and wine.

There are approximately 1,150 greenhouse operations in Ontario, more than half of the greenhouses in Canada. The new greenhouse complex at Vineland will be more than twice the size of any other research greenhouse in Canada.

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Ian Shalapata
Ian Shalapata
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