In The Right Place At Wrongbar

By Steven Natskoulis

(TORONTO, ON) – Wednesday night at NXNE, Toronto’s Wrongbar hosted an energetic eruption of musical enjoyment. The venue’s worn out-basement atmosphere attracted many music enthusiasts to an interesting assortment of bands that ranged from indie to hip-hop. The crowd had a diverse demographic which definitely complimented the indigenous music influences of the bands.

Hands and Teeth, a home-grown Toronto band, were eager to show their talent as they provided the Toronto fans a reason to come experience their live vibe Wednesday night. The band had an attractive presence., which featured a dynamic set of songs and coloured the show with a taste of indie pop.

Without a doubt I enjoyed their set pieces, which enabled lead singer Natasha Pasternak to soulfully play to her crowd.

Another band that brought an indie flavour were the Cliks. Watching them was a joy.

The Cliks’ catchy vocals and powerful harmonies were really invested within the band’s employment of chorus hooks. Their set was composed of poppy melodies that caught your attention; even if you were in the back of the venue. The angst-laden lyrics inspired by heartbreak drew you closer, into their display of soulful expression.

If the band’s music has an objective, it was to simply drill the chorus into your head; and, I must say, they accomplished just that. The charismatic personality of the band’s frontman, Lucas Silveira, only strengthened their entertaining performance as they worthily stole the show.

What would NXNE be without noteworthy punk acts?

Dearly Beloved definitely entered this category with their energetic performance of classic punk. The band’s chorus-chants and heavy power chords constituted a deluge of energetic punk. They provided the most lively presence of the assembled bands, as they also interacted with the crowd by jumping onto the booths of the bar halfway through one of their songs.

While paying worthy homage to their punk musical influences, holding to their roots Dearly Beloved didn’t offer a unique sound which would generate strong feelings towards them, for or against. They were the odd men out in an otherwise entertaining NXNE experience.

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