Golden Globe Fashion Hits And Misses


By Jessica Faught

Guiliana Rancic(WINDSOR, ON) – Well, love ‘em or hate ‘em, they wore ‘em. Some touched down and some fumbled bad.

The thing about award shows such as the Golden Globes, it is a glamorous event. Therefore, this is the time to shine.

For stars who have been invited and who may be out of the limelight, it is the time to remind producers what assets they’re bringing to the table. And for those who are rocking the box offices, they must keep their A-game up in order to keep the eye on them. So both have a tough responsibility.

Ok, let’s get into it.

First pick for best dressed is Ms Guiliana Rancic. A beautiful fashion statement was made by Guiliana. She wore a burgundy sheer top with a touch of floral at a fitted waist line which complimented her small figure. The dress had a flow out from waist to toe and definitely showed off her star power. She rocked the hottest hairstyle trend of 2014; a straight, chin-length bob with a side part.

Two other women who wore pleasingly notable fashion choices were Sophia Vergara, and Camila Alves.

Sophia showed off her star power dress that fit her frame well, and with a gorgeous flare. Sofia Longoria.

Unlike hubby, Camila’s look was a predictable one; and by predictable, I am only referring to the sequins. It is not surprising one would chose to drape themselves in beautiful sequins for such an event, appropriate and always received well in the fashion world. I also loved Camila’s contrasting ombre hair colour, which really was the perfect accessory for her well fitted black dress, and which complimented her well proportioned frame amazingly.

Matthew McConnehey and Camila Alves were named the 2014 Golden Globes' Hotest Couple.Let’s talk about my best dressed pick for men.

It is none other than Mr Matthew McConaughey. Thank you Matthew for giving us a little pizazz and choosing an emerald green and black trimmed tux. Kudos for stepping out of the fashion comfort zone of black and white, although those shades are what’s in right now. So is colour, in general, in a big way. It was a refreshing, non-predictable look and it fit you like a glove with much style.

I really loved the mixture of fabrics of satin and velvet; very sexy, Sir!

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves were named hottest couple. Both chose to wear formal wear by Dolce and Gabanna.

The biggest fashion disappointments were, surprisingly, Kerry Washington and Drew Barrymore.

Ladies pregnancy is a beautiful time to shine and your bump can be your ultimate accessory, so rock it. Congrats on the pregnancies ladies but, sorry, you don’t get a pass on poor fashion choice because glamorous maternity wear is no longer hard to find. And, well, both women were drowning in too much material.

Both ensembles lacked detail and sex appeal.

Maternity wear has come along way and many women with a bump are still rocking sexy. Kerry and Drew, although you both were glowing beauty, keep in mind that you both are highly successful, young actresses and your fashion choice, for an event such as the Golden Globes, should have followed suit.

Drew Barrymore, yes florals are in big time, however your dress was a floral disaster. Too much and too flowy.

Kerry, a vest on any dress is too casual of a choice for a Golden Globe event. And when a dress is so flowy, your entire body shape is hidden. It is definitely a fashion fumble.

The floral fashion touch down was Tina Fey in her pre-show black and red, well fitted dress with a flare. Her half up do hairstyle totally complimented the floor length dress amazingly. Now this is how you do floral, Drew, so please take notes.

For the fashion trends of 2014 not much has changed other than colour blocking has taken a slight side seat. It is definitely still being done, but just not as bold as we saw in 2013.

Black and white is the big trend mainstay, and prints are still trendy in a big way. Always remember risk taking in fashion takes finesse. When in doubt, research or, simply, chose a safe bet.

Like in football, we learn from the fashion fumbles so we can make the touch downs.

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