Getting Down To Basics


By Jessica Faught

(WINDSOR, ON) – So Christmas and Halloween are the most expensive seasons of the year, but do we really need to go all out the way we do? Lets look at some of the things that don’t cost money at all.

A walk to the park in any season, sitting the children on your lap to read a book, serving breakfast in bed to your spouse, a visit to a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, or making a homemade card.

Money can’t buy quality time, nor love, understanding, communication, the conception of a new life, peace, joy, happiness, patience, or long suffering. These are important elements of life that paper and coin cannot achieve.

Many people dream of having as much money as their favourite celebrities but did they ever think about how much that celeb has had to sacrifice in order to achieve it? Time with their families becomes not just necessity but luxury.

Don’t underestimate the simple things in life; a hug, a kiss, or a card with thoughtful words, to read when we need it most. A random non-materialistic act of kindness from our spouses that pushes you away from the everyday hum drum.

At times we think that having more money will make us happier but happiness really should be our goal. Remembering that goals can be both materialistic and non-materialistic, the latter will truly bring the long lasting happiness for which we all strive.

In this new year, let us remember to embrace and prioritize for the true kind of happiness rather than put too much emphasis on the superficial.

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