Fashionable Styles For The Fall


By Jessica Faught

(WINDSOR, ON) – Leaves are falling, red, yellow, brown. And the autumn wind has blown in some sweet wardrobe fashions. Hmm. What fashion era inspired designers this fall? Keep reading.

We are seeing a lot of use of the army green and cammo design in everything including overalls; yes they re back, but pay close attention. Be careful not to get into a farmer-look. They should be well fitting, not super tight, but certainly not too lose fitting, either. Look for them in denim, Runway fashionanimal prints, floral, and of course kaki. Really any printed pattern.

Fringe has been thrown in the mix, too. Look for a touch of it on boots, shoes, handbags, shirts, and more.

Scarves, as usual, can be worn with anything from jeans and skirts to overalls, jogging suits, and dress clothing. So, no surprising changes from our history with scarves in the past.

The typical go to leggings are a must have in your fall wardrobe. Scoop as many as you can get your hands on because they will be your wardrobe’s best friend, for sure. Rely on them under short and long skirts, and long, well fitted or baggy sweaters and sweatshirts. Take note; whichever you decide to wear, be sure they are well fitting in the arms. A baggy look in the arms should only be worn if the designer has made it that way. You will be able to clearly tell the difference.

Lets talk skirts for a moment. Well, basically all styles are in from short straight cut, pencil, flowy, short, or long. All patterns and colours, with belt or without.

Boots, boots, and boots. Ladies grab any colour or style. Look for leather with a touch of faux fur. Also venture out and look for patterns. Pair them with patterned fitted pants, accessorize with a scarf, and you re good to go.

The showy look of metallic has followed us into fall. It is no longer solely a winter holiday look, but don t overdo it in this area. You only need a touch, maybe a little on the nails or a ballet flat. Look for sparkle, but tone it down with denim or solids. If you chose to buy a metallic jacket, good for you, but remember to tone down with solids and neutrals.

Runway fashionBig bold reading glasses and big bold sun glasses are a nice touch to any wardrobe. Follow your face shape when accessorizing with them though. Every face shape cannot wear all the fashion trends when it comes to eye wear, so try them on and even check online to see if their geometric shape matches your facial shape.

So what has changed you ask?

Unlike last fall, designers are not solely pairing up two pieces with the same pattern. However, this year, instead of bold solid colours or colour blocking, we are doing pattern blocking with plaids, paisleys, dots, you name it.

There is a right way and a wrong way to use this trend. You must match your colours and remember that neutrals go with anything. A no fuss look ponytail or hair down for natural curly or straight, with bangs or no bangs. However, we are seeing a lot of full fringe bangs, side swept, long or short length, with middle or side part. This has been a repeated look for hair advertised on the runway for fall/winter 2014.

If all of the above doesn’t scream the 50’s era, then I don t know what does. Yes, the designers have given us a 50’ s edge with a modern touch.

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