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By Victoria Posloski

(WINDSOR, ON) – In the last instalment we discussed your basement sump-pump. Let’s now go upstairs.

Did you know that every door you go through is a potential “Point of Entry”?

I will often ask people if they ever get locked out of their home, how do they get in? You would be surprised at the answers.

Pyramid SecurityThey are the same methods used by burglars; not very reassuring is it. That’s where motion detectors come into play. Some systems are hard-wired into your home. And, of course, if your basement is totally finished, wireless is the only way to go in a retrofit. Any respectable, and certified, technician would never leave your home with exposed wires.

Either way, hard-wired and wireless both work in the same manner. If someone decides they want to break into your house through the basement window, they are not going to be hanging out in your basement, regardless of how beautiful it is. And trust me, it happens more than you think.

The perps are going directly to your bedroom via the main level.

If you can see it, it can see you. That’s where the motion detector will nab them. Not physically, of course, but the motion has beams that act like “eyes.” Motion detectors operate on body heat and the motion of the robbers as they move through your home.

Then your security system will start “screaming,” meaning your alarm will going off.

When the monitoring company receives the signal from your system, the operations centre knows exactly what zone has been triggered. We refer to zones as any location where you have a monitored component.

In response, the attendant will call your house. No answer? No kidding; you’re at work, the kids are in school, no one’s home. No problem.

The police are notified of a break-in in progress and dispatched to your home.

The first line of defence is always your signage; the decals that go on your window and doors. Nobody will target a home with security; why would they? When they can go into an unprotected home and have all day to root through your belongings and take whatever they want.

When you have a private company monitoring your home, you can rest easy knowing you are being protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And don’t have to get scared of noises that may go bump in the night.

Sleep well my friends.

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