Class Action Opposing Bee Killing Pesticides Filed

Ontario Superior Court of Justice Windsor

(WINDSOR, ON) – Two Ontario Beekeepers launched a lawsuit against Bayer and Syngenta, the manufacturers of bee killing neonicotinoid pesticides. The beekeepers were introduced to Siskinds LLP, an Ontario law firm that specializes in class action law suits.

On September 2, Siskinds filed a class action in Superior Court in Windsor against Bayer, of Calgary, and Syngenta, of Guelph, regarding neonicotinoid pesticides, specifically those containing imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiomethoxam. The action seeks in excess of $400 million in damages.

This class action relates to the impact of these pesticides on the bee population and, consequently, on Canada’s beekeepers who produce honey and provide pollination services essential to the production of Canada’s fruit and vegetables.

Beekeepers, including those individuals and companies in the business of honey production, queen bee rearing, and/or pollination services between 2006 and the present season, are encouraged to contact Siskinds LLP at 519-660-7878 or 1-877-672-2121 ext. 2380.

The suit, starting with two of the biggest beekeepers in Ontario, including Sun Parlour Honey of Cottam, was filed in Superior Court and will turn into a class action over the next few months as hundreds of beekeepers who have lost bees, hives, and honey are expected to join.

Read the Statement of Claim.

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