Bloomfield House Creates West Side Buzz

Bloomfield House sign


By Jessica Faught

(WINDSOR, ON) – Make no mistake about the West Side of our beloved Windsor; it is booming with a new vibe and programs are being implemented to help combat the boredom of youth and families in the community. Bloomfield House is one in particular creating a new buzz.

The founder of Bloomfield House is Teajai Travis, who has developed a labour of love non- profit organization by implementing social programs such as food outreach, chess night, dance, art, and drama class, and choir and piano lessons, to name just a few. They even have a drum circle.

These programs are being offered completely free of charge, to the general public, and they have created wonderful volunteer opportunities for those who would like to contribute their time to a worthy cause.

I took a tour of Bloomfield House and found the facility and atmosphere to be welcoming, clean, and filled with a sense of community.

I noticed a sign, just outside the meditation room, that read, “Have you celebrated yourself today?” That was an indication that one of the goals of Bloomfield House is to create an environment for self- reflection.

Bloomfield House children musicI attended some of the classes being offered to the youth, and we talked to the parents and children about what they thought towards the classes they were taking. The children said they were fun, and they were learning a lot. Adults mentioned that they appreciate a place to come to where they can ease the tension of their day and enjoy chat time with other adults, or just simply to using the meditation room and drum circle.

The programs are being utilized by many cultures and are creating a beautiful, multi-cultural sense of community.

Growing up in a marginalized community, I was conditioned into the normalcy of inadequate social resources and economic supports,” Teajai Travis said. “It wasn’t until I transferred to a secondary school, outside the area in which I was raised, that I realized the the systemic inequalities of a cultural class system. It was at this time that I began to make social observations of the world around me and used the medium of poetry to express my thoughts and feelings, based on these observations.”

Travis continued, “My passion for poetry developed into a love for theatre and, following high school, I dedicated a lot of time to work on my craft, bringing my social observations alive, and sharing them in a public forum. By the age of 23, I’d established a modest production company based on what I’d learned from the community theatre scene and used this company as a tool to gather like minded people around the topic of social justice and anti-oppression. “

“With great success in opening up a dialogue around the issues of social inequalities, I discovered something important; that was an individual’s ability to heal through creative self expression,” Travis explained. “Soon I was motivated and confident enough to work toward building an intentional community that thrived on sharing peace, knowledge, and understanding; a place where art and culture was accessible to all people regardless of class.”

West End residents are proud of the work of Teajai Travis and Bloomfield House. They are eager to do their part to volunteer and contribute to its continued growth.

To learn more about Bloomfield House, visit and like their Facebook page.

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