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WINDSOR SQUARE is an online news and opinion portal featuring regular political commentary and analysis of the happenings in Southwestern Ontario and Southeastern Michigan. The SQUARE provides insightful news perspectives, in depth analysis, and solid background for people who want more than what the conventional news sources provide. We can match our audience to your product or services in the most cost effective way.

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  • Male: 69%
  • Female: 40%


  • 36-45: 19%
  • 46+: 62%


  • College Graduate: 6%
  • Bachelor Degree: 22%
  • Masters Degree: 5%
  • Professional: 11%


  • 40-50K: 7%
  • 50-70K: 17%
  • 70-100K: 12%
  • 100-150K: 30%


  • Employed: 60%
  • Self-Employed: 20%
  • Out of work: 3%
  • Retired: 13%
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About the Author

Ian Shalapata
Ian Shalapata is the owner and publisher of Square Media Group. He covers politics, the police beat, community events, the arts, sports, and everything in between. His imagery and freelance contributions have appeared in select publications and for organizations in Canada and the United States. Contact Ian with story ideas.
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