Time To Act

By Sean Moore, Founder and CEO of Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies

(TECUMSEH, ON) – Unconquered Sun is the proud manufacturer of the Windsor Series Solar panel. A product which carries the namesake of our city, and has put our area on the map in terms of renewable energy manufacturing technology.

At last count, the Windsor Series solar panels, which we have built year to date, will be responsible for mitigating approximately 45,000 tonnes of carbon out of our atmosphere during their life cycle.

The science is in, and I believe we no longer have the time for any debate on climate change or the cause, and any suggestion that we do not have a part to play as inhabitants of this earth, quite frankly, has long since crossed the boundary of ignorance into the absurd.

The fact is that 12 of the last 15 years have been the warmest in recorded history. Look no further than our neighbours to the south, Texas (due to sustained drought), has moved over one million head of cattle to northern states simply to ensure their survival. In fact, as we speak, Texas is busy building water development banks to mitigate the effects of climate change.

New York City is currently fortifying its coastline against rising sea levels and Miami Beach is spending untold millions to protect their fresh water from ever-increasing salt water seepage.

The list goes on and on.

So the question is, how do we pump the breaks? How do we reverse what seems like over-whelming inertia towards an ever more toxic planet?

Currently 40% of all carbon emissions in North America come from our power plants; 40%!. This idea is crazy unto itself, since we here, in the United States and Canada, regulate almost every other toxin that goes into our atmosphere; from mercury to sulphur. Yet power plants are allowed to pollute our air continuously, and virtually unfettered.

At Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies, we believe that we are producing a large part of the solution to this problem.

Now, many will tell you that photovoltaics are not as efficient as fossil fuel technologies when it comes to electricity production. But I ask you; is it more efficient to let sunlight create organic material? Then wait for that organic material to anaerobically decompose over hundreds of millions of years. Then sail a tanker hundreds of kilometres offshore to a moored oil platform, drill down in some cases 1.5 km, suck up the crude, fill the tanker, sail the tanker hundreds of kilometres to a refinery.

See where I’m going with this?

Then you have to condition the crude into fuel suitable for a gas turbine, truck the fuel – in some cases thousands of kilometres – to a gas turbine to make electricity, and creating tonnes and tonnes of Co2 gas in the process. Then push that electricity through thousands of kilometres of electric grid.

Or. Is it more efficient to simply let sunlight hit a solar panel and have it over with? And, by the way, not one single electron created by that solar panel will be either radioactive or carbon emitting.

It is truly a crime that we have politicised renewable energy in Ontario. We need an energy policy that bridges the four-year provincial election cycle. This is the challenge of our generation.

And It is not an either or proposition. We do not have to choose between the environment and the economy; we can do both.

Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies, and companies like her, are the proof. And any attitude to the contrary suggests a fundamental lack of faith in manufacturing areas like Windsor, our ingenuity, and our ability to innovate.

Here in Windsor, we have a proud manufacturing history that dates back 150 years. We can build things in Windsor. Look no further than USST’s new Solar Powered Electric Vehicles.

These EV’s are fitted with 550-Watt Solar Rooftops that supply them with a continuous 13 amp charge. This means that on a sunny day, with intermittent use, you will never have to plug in these vehicles in to recharge; ever.

These vehicles are being built to MTO specifications, they will be serialized, and receive VIN’s. The vehicles will be insured and driven on our roads here in Canada. And the best part is that the nameplate on these vehicles will not read made in China, made in Germany, or made in Japan. It will read made in Windsor!

So what can you do to help effect change and have a positive impact on our environment?

Talk to your family members, friends, and colleagues. Have the courage to speak out about the challenges our environment faces, and stand up to ignorance. Use your vote, and do not vote for an individual or a party that does not have a renewable energy platform.

Demand, right down to the municipal level, that our governments adopt clean energy practices. And, if you are truly serious, why not think about putting some solar on your rooftop. Mitigate carbon and put Windsorites back to work in Windsor factories.

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Sean Moore

Sean Moore is the founder and CEO of Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies.

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  1. Funny isn’t it they call the panels Windsor series solar panels and yet are manufactured in Tecumseh Ontario. I am sure people question why not build these Windsor series panels in Windsor very simple the cost of doing business in Windsor is to high.

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